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Patient Satisfaction & Engagement Solutions

BEFORE THE VISIT: Did you know that 80% of patients visit your website before they visit in person? Hospitals and clinics with poorly optimized websites lose significant revenue in lost conversions each month. We are experts in: boosting search results • reaching patients with search engine ads • targeting searches on specific service lines • enhancing online presence and reputation


DURING THE VISIT: When the patient is already in your facility, engagement is just beginning. With our Digital Signage Networks we turn unproductive patient wait times into educational and engaging digital interactions resulting in high patient satisfaction. Proven results: Nielsen-Arbitron confirmed that our digital healthcare content is leading to significant patient satisfaction and recall of hospital messaging.


AFTER THE VISIT: Our specialized healthcare marketing services include tools that help you monitor and influence patient satisfaction and experience after the visit. Positive Outcomes: This after-the-visit service protects your reputation online and helps you to sustain excellent relationships with your patients and visitors.

What Our Clients Say

“MedCenterDisplay consistently proves to be an invaluable form of communication. We are grateful for the opportunity to reach, educate and entertain our patients, staff and visitors by promoting events and sharing important information. Overall, we believe MedCenterDisplay allows us, as a facility, to build and strengthen relationships.”

- Emily D., VP of Human Resources, Medical Center

"This new technology has made my job much more convenient to post and communicate messages around the entire hospital on these digital health screens. The feedback from our nurses, physicians and visitors has been great, especially now with the ability to watch our service line videos and view our ER wait time."

- Research Medical Center

"The ease in which the whole process was completed was so refreshing. We were up and running in no time, and the MedCenter folks did all of the heavy lifting – sold the ads, arranged the delivery, worked with our IT, etc. The screens are a great addition to our waiting rooms and the whole process couldn’t have been easier."

- Liberty Hospital

"This process has been not only pleasant but also nearly seamlessly implemented. The screens look great and have already generated positive feedback."

- Garden Park Medical Center

“This has been such an easy initiative to implement – the company is fabulous to work with. I send copy points, and they create attractive slides for me to approve – usually within 48 hours. I have promoted Healthy Woman, Senior Circle, employee news, new physicians and much more. I often find people standing in front of the monitors reading what’s new.”

- Lisa G., Director of Marketing, Medical Center

"In our ED, we utilize the “real time” portion of the monitors for updates on wait times, etc., which really helps with patient satisfaction."

- St. Mary Medical Center